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Dr_Ian_Hollaman_pictureDr. Ian Hollaman is certified in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine and recently completed a Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine through the University of Western States.

Dr. Hollaman’s primary focus is to help his patients achieve their health goals through natural methods with ease of care and empowerment. He too has experienced the “machine” of traditional healthcare, and strives to provide a different type of experience for his own patients through education, understanding and effective solutions, while incorporating Applied Kinesiology, clinical nutrition and specific chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Hollaman’s pursuit to provide the best care for his patients includes the attendance of time intensive post-graduate seminars, including Applied Kinesiology, which focuses on balancing the complex muscular and biochemical systems so that care is efficient and comprehensive. Dr. Hollaman understands that every human body is different and will not recommend a pre-determined chiropractic plan. His emphasis of the Golden Rule ensures that every patient who begins care will receive a specific report of findings and recommendations to help them meet and even exceed their health goals.


Dr_Karen_Hollaman_pictureDr. Karen B Hollaman grew up in Northern New Jersey with her parents and two sisters. She lived an active lifestyle balancing school with sports, music, and church activities until her sophomore year of high school when her health plummeted due to a track injury. After four years of perplexed medical professionals and being told she was a “medical mystery,” Dr. Hollaman was introduced to chiropractic and quickly learned that her body responded positively to the care. The severe abdominal pain, weight loss, and exhaustion that had caused Dr. Hollaman to fall to the floor in pain, sleep over eighteen hours a day, miss much of her junior and senior year of high school, as well as drop out of college was finally responding. It was due to the insights of her chiropractor, who used Applied Kinesiology, that Dr. Hollaman regained her health and was able to graduate from college with highest honors and move to Alaska to experience life, work in chiropractic offices, and complete the science requirements necessary for chiropractic college. She then moved to Florida to become a massage therapist and earn her doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. During her schooling, Dr. Hollaman was president of the nutrition club, class representative, and attended many seminars including the 100 hour certification program in Applied Kinesiology. She also had the opportunity to travel to Madagascar with the clinic abroad program at Palmer. In December 2008, Dr. Hollaman attained her degree as well as her dream of practicing chiropractic medicine.



Cori moved to Boulder 16 years ago and started on her path to wellness.

Through her own health challenges and recoveries she discovered her passion for natural medicine, holistic healing, herbs, botany and clean healthy eating.

Cori has focused her life and work within various modalities of whole body wellness. She has ongoing experience working in holistic health spas, spiritual retreats and wellness centers. She has had the opportunity to learn from Holistic practitioners, Doctors, Shamanic healers, Clinical therapists and Body workers.

Cori is excited for the opportunity to be able to work with patients, supporting them on their path to wellness as the Neurofeedback therapist alongside Dr. Hollaman and the amazing team at Red Tail Wellness Center.



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