ADD Solutions: Giving a Child The Help They Deserve

Does This Describe You?

It’s another typical morning and your child is not listening or getting ready for school. Now everyone is going to be late. An hour into the day and already the mood in the house is tense. Their grades are slipping and homework now takes forever to complete. You are concerned your child might advance to the next grade. Toys are everywhere, so the house is a mess. You and your spouse argue constantly about how to deal with it. As usual, you are very tired…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to start the day off right and not with arguments and confrontation? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get out the door on time? Wouldn’t it be great for the family to get to work and school and not already be stressed out?

This is the reality of living with a child who has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Anger, mood swings, anxiety and depression are common. But there is a bigger fear that it will lead to isolation and loneliness, that other children will see them as different. This might even lead to suicidal thoughts. Something needs to be done now!

boy-looking-upBut what are the options? A doctor will just prescribe expensive medications that only mask symptoms and never fix the problem. Nobody wants their child medicated all the time or have to worry about the long term effects. So why are we told that drugs are the only option?

ADD is not a disease, and it can be improved without medications. Just realize that ADD is not a disciplinary problem – it’s a brain problem. To make it better requires a process that addresses the brain very specifically. That process is called neurofeedback, a non-invasive and safe way of correcting irregular brainwaves. Neurofeedback has been around for 50 years, and Decades of research have proven that over time it can reduce or eliminate the causes of ADD.

Now here’s the best part… with neurofeedback, your child simply watches a movie of their choice while sensors monitor their brainwaves. Our advanced system monitors the output and optimizes their brainwaves in real time, all while the patient is relaxing. It is a calming and comfortable experience for the child. There’s no medications to take or other therapies your child might resist. They will receive cues from our system during the session that helps them refocus and keep the brain on track. Over multiple sessions the brain will eventually learn to focus on its own without our system, and results are often permanent!. And with our take home Clear Mind Focus units it’s even easier, since you can use them anywhere while doing normal activities. It’s that easy!

Neurofeedback Works For Adults Too!

Imagine how much better life would be a few months from now when your child can focus and finish homework quickly by themselves. Imagine no more arguments or frustrations over their erratic behavior. that dream can become a reality with neurofeedback.

head-brainwaveNeurofeedback does just one thing: It corrects brainwaves. That’s it! Here’s how it works: An ADD child will often have slower Beta brainwaves, which control decision making. They will also have faster Alpha and Theta brainwaves which control emotions and daydreaming. Neurofeedback helps control these brainwaves by getting them to run at the proper speed. With brainwaves optimized and running smoothly, The brain functions better and ADD symptoms start to dissipate.

If you have tried everything the doctor has recommended without any results, then it’s time to try an approach they AREN’T talking about. No more drugs, no more hoping it will go away on its own. Your child deserves better. They deserve a system that targets the real cause of ADD, not the symptoms. You can learn more about exactly how neurofeedback works by clicking the link below. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews of other parents who have been in your shoes and seen results.

We want to help you make the best decision for your child. So we are offering a comprehensive brain map for just $90 (a $250 Value!). This useful tool analyzes the brain’s electrical activity and generates a report that identifies the problem areas in the brain. It will also reveal the neurofeedback settings needed to reduce or eliminate the root cause of ADD. This is the first step we take in changing lives for the better.

A better future is only a call or click away. Don’t hesitate, call 303-442-4944 today to make an appointment today, or use the appointment form below. You can also request a free 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Hollaman.



Request a free 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Hollaman. Use the appointment form on this page and type in “FREE CONSULT” in the comment box.

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Request a free 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Hollaman. Use the appointment form on this page and type in “FREE CONSULT” in the comment box.

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What Is Neurofeedback?

What if you could eliminate or reduce brain related problems just by watching a movie or listening to music? Sound too good to be true? Neurofeedback can help, and it is backed by over 50 years of research in studying how brainwaves affect your health.

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What Is A Brain Map?

A QEEG Brain Map is the recording of brainwaves on the surface of the scalp. It is non-invasive and does not use any radiation. The results are compared against a map of a normal functioning brain to identify irregular patterns that can cause many neurological conditions.

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Common Questions

Is neurofeedback dangerous? Does it hurt? Does it require drugs? How long do I have to do it? Is this just another one of those health fads? These are all common questions we hear every day. Find your answers here and get the facts about neurofeedback and brain mapping.

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Neurofeedback Research

Decades of Research

Neurofeedback has been around since the 1960’s, and has over 5 decades of research from medical professionals to prove it’s effectiveness. You can view our research articles and case studies here.

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About Our Clinic

Feeling comfortable with your health care provider is as important as knowing how to improve your health issues. Come meet our staff and learn more about our Boulder neurofeedback clinic in Colorado.

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